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First time buyer mortgages

First time buyer mortgages

Despite what the media may tell you, mortgages for the first time buyer are not so difficult to come by. Things may be different to a few years ago, however do not be discouraged, first time buyer mortgages are attained daily and something that our mortgage brokers are eager to help you with.

If you are a first time buyer and would like to discuss what options are open and available to you, please complete the form and one of our mortgage advisers will be in contact shortly.


If you can afford to pay at least 10% in the form of a deposit, then there are options for you. With a larger deposit you gain a greater choice of lenders but also a more competitive interest rate. With the guidance of our experienced brokers, this process will be made easy and exciting.

Gifted Deposits

Most lenders will accept a gifted deposit from a close relative, for example, a parent. This is typically paid on the behalf of the first time buyer and the lender will usually request an official letter from the giver of the gift. This states that the money is a gift and cannot be requested back or that no charges or security will be held on the home.

Family Guarantee Mortgage

This mortgage option is perfect for first time buyers who are in need of some financial aid that is not a gifted deposit. In this case, the money is given directly to the lender in the form of security for the deposit. This mortgage deal may not be available from all lenders, however some of the benefits include:

The largest possible guarantee period of 10 years, so that charge against property is relinquished at the end of the specified time
The guarantee that is provided by the guarantor will be held against their own property so that a cash deposit is needless
Available for any amount of the price for purchase
Ideal for applicants who do not have an adequate deposit but who do have willing parents or grandparents to hand